At present, the most commonly requested languages are the main European ones: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Czech, etc. However, other languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Hindi, among others, are gaining an increasing market share.

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The different fields of translation can be very varied: sworn translations, legal, financial, engineering, telecommunications, etc.

The Projects Manager studies the features of each piece of work and chooses a team that is suited to it. This team will comprise qualified translators who are specialists in the scope of this work.

Every field has an increasingly more specific terminology, for which reason we deem it essential to incorporate native linguists and experts in each subject if a top quality translation is to be produced.

The Projects Manager’s job is to ensure the overall coherence of the project, to which end they will provide the team members with support at all times: by supplying documents, consulting specialists, compiling glossaries, etc. By so doing, they form a link between the Client and the different work teams.

Every project goes through a checking process to make sure that the text is coherent and adjust the terminology, language and style to the Client’s needs.

Translation Modes



Conference interpreters

A conference interpreter is an expert in multilingual communication. It is a hard job with tremendous responsibility: the interpreter must always rise to the occasion and possess qualities such as physical and psychological resistance, versatility, tact, the ability to concentrate, analyse and summarise, agility of mind, intellectual precision and wide general knowledge… as well as a perfect command of the languages worked with. NAKOM works in collaboration with members of national and international conference interpreter associations, whose professionals are highly qualified and highly experienced.

Before the event, the interpreter prepares the subject and terminology in depth. If the event is to run smoothly, it is essential for the interpreters to have the congress or meeting programme as far in advance as possible, together with all the paperwork they can be provided with (documents, reference material, any text that is going to be read or quoted, etc.).

Interpreting Modes



Organising Multilingual Conferences and Events The success of a congress or a meeting is usually linked to good organisation. NAKOM provides assessment regarding the most suitable type of interpreting and linguistic set-up for each particular case, the technical equipment needed and other factors that are decisive for ensuring a top quality personal service.

If a Client does not wish to become involved in the problems connected with organising an event, NAKOM will not only provide the interpreting service but will take charge of organising other related services. NAKOM’S collaboration with specialist organisations in the sector enables it to do this and so guarantee the slightest detail of any event that it is wished to organise: press releases, road shows, client meetings, contracting hostesses, lighting, stages, recording…



Besides the above-mentioned services, at NAKOM we have an extensive network of contributors at our disposal ready to help solve any language need that may arise. Our aim is not for communication to present a challenge but that it should provide added value.