Here at NAKOM a quality outcome is our top priority and we closely monitor every project. For that reason more and more organisations and individuals entrust their translations to us. Our integrated service, which complies with the UNE-EN 15038:2006 standard, gives our clients the confidence that their projects are in safe hands.


Every language project is assigned to a Project Manager who studies the characteristics of every job, and monitors and co-ordinates the project from beginning to end according to the needs of each Client and the Project specifications.

The Project Managers act as a liaison between the contributors, language advisors, specialists of each sector and the client. Apart from supervising the different stages the project passes through, they provide a back-up for the contributors, carry out documentation work, consult specialists and draw up glossaries with all the relevant terminology, not only in order to ensure its coherence but also that of any corporate project that may arise in the future.

At NAKOM we know that guaranteeing the quality
of every piece of work is a guarantee for the future


Thanks to a project management tool unique to NAKOM, a continuous and exhaustive project control is maintained for each Client, as well as for all the information relevant to the project.

Clients have a space reserved for them with a customised data base that enables them to consult any project commissioned, as well as all the details (delivery times, associated costs, specific instructions, the situation of any on-going projects) information on related invoices, contact persons in the company, etc. Also available is an FTP or file transfer protocol through which the client can access any projects at any time.

Likewise, contributors have their own section where they can get to know all the details of any work they have been assigned, and any specific instructions related to it.

Each project stage must be properly organised and monitored if the quality and punctuality of any project is to be guaranteed.

Good service begins with
good internal management…


On certain occasions the use of computer assisted translation tools is recommended. These programs let the translations of a particular Client be "stored in the memory" and glossaries of terms be prepared and adapt the translations to the specific vocabulary of each client. Coherence of the translated text is thus ensured, either of an independent text or the whole corporate document.

In order to ensure this coherence and the "purity of the memory", a continuous communication is required with the Client, who will need to validate each text translated and the terminology used, which is then incorporated into the memory. This communication between the Client and NAKOM will ensure top quality work.


At NAKOM, we not only value our contributors’ training and experience, but also a conscientious working methodology and a series of personal aptitudes, such as an ethical attitude towards the work. For these reasons, all projects are subjected to a Quality Control process and we require a particular corporate philosophy to be adhered to.


NAKOM undertakes to keep confidential any information shared with the Client, and states such in the terms and conditions accompanying every order. Likewise, NAKOM signs a collaboration agreement with all the members of its network of contributors. By signing this agreement they agree, although not exhaustively, to respect a specific corporate philosophy and the confidentiality of any data exchanged, as well as an information management protocol.