Corporate philosophy

The Corporate Philosophy governing NAKOM’s activity has been established with a view to assuring both clients and collaborators that the work undertaken is in line with professional ethics.

1. General Definitions and Sphere of Application

This Corporate Philosophy is intended to establish the standards of integrity, professionalism and confidentiality to be observed by contributors to NAKOM in the course of their work.

NAKOM’s Corporate Philosophy applies to any partners, employees, applicants, subcontracted personnel, collaborators and their employees, as well as to any natural person or legal entity that may be subcontracted by the foregoing in order to undertake any work entrusted to NAKOM. Any contributor who contracts any other translators, interpreters or proof-readers, shall assume the same commitments.

The undertaking of any service for NAKOM shall imply the express acceptance of this Corporate Philosophy. Such conformity shall be made apparent on signing the appropriate Collaboration Agreement.
NAKOM shall have the power to rescind the Collaboration Agreement signed, should the collaborator infringe any of the conditions set out in the said text or in this document, and reserves the right to claim compensation for any damages suffered.


2. Principles

NAKOM’s Corporate Philosophy is based on three basic principles: Quality, Professionalism and Confidentiality.

2.1 Quality

Any translator or interpreter undertaking work directly or indirectly for NAKOM, shall provide services of the highest quality.

Work quality will be assessed in line with several parameters, among which are the following:

  • The knowledge, technical resources, time, preparation, etc. that the collaborator has at their disposal for accepting the work and doing it conscientiously.
  • Method and precision. The collaborator shall approach the subject in question in-depth and do all necessary research, making use of all the resources at their disposal. Should they not have a broad knowledge of the subject, they shall inform NAKOM of any difficulties.
  • Accuracy of the written translation, respect for the meaning of the text, terminology and style of the original document, without detracting from the fluency, nature and correctness of the text under translation;
  • Assurance of good communication skills in oral interpreting, making use of elements such as accuracy, fidelity, consistency, coherence, style, etc.
  • Punctuality in providing the service: any written work shall be undertaken with the greatest diligence, observing the delivery schedules set for the collaborator by NAKOM. In interpreting tasks, the interpreter shall arrive at least 20 minutes beforehand at the place agreed for providing the service.

The collaborator is committed to observing the Style Guidelines published by NAKOM, as well as the grammar, idiomatic norms, etc of the official sources of the working language. The collaborator is also committed to providing a service of the highest possible quality, submitting themselves to NAKOM’s quality control, in line with these and any other parameters that may be deemed fit.

2.2 Professionalism

All collaborators shall estimate their ability to do the work.

Collaborators of NAKOM shall not accept work for which they are not qualified.

The collaborator promises to notify NAKOM, with the shortest possible notice, should they not have the necessary abilities to do the work entrusted to them. Hence, on acceptance of the work, they shall undertake to act with the required professionalism.

The collaborator shall have the ability to work as part of a team and collaborate jointly with the Project Managers or other members of NAKOM, at all times striving to ensure that the service is properly provided and successfully concluded.

NAKOM’s collaborators shall abstain from giving any personal opinions in public as to the work being undertaken, and maintain the strictest impartiality and discretion at all times.

The collaborator shall be committed to always acting as professionally as possible and accept NAKOM’s professional criteria.


2.3 Confidentiality

NAKOM’s collaborators are obliged to keep the strictest professional confidence with regard to personal data figuring in the documents and material being worked with, and, in short, shall respect professional confidence concerning any information handled deriving from the exercise of their profession, excepting any information disclosed in open meetings or through the media.

NAKOM’s collaborators shall not negotiate with, or obtain personal profit from any confidential information to which they have access during the course of their work.

  • 2.3.1 Confidential Information
    • Confidential information is any information to which a collaborator has access during the course of their profession.
    • Thus, the definition of confidential is any information about a client’s organisation and its employees, any documents submitted by a client and, in short, any information, no matter how insignificant it may seem, relative to the client. Information that has been published by any external media, either by the client or by a third party, shall not be deemed to be confidential.
  • 2.3.2 Disclosure
    • The translator or interpreter shall refrain from exchanging any information of a confidential nature (as per the above definition) with any person outside the client’s company, including colleagues, friends and family.
    • They shall also refrain from furnishing such information to persons belonging to the client’s organisation without the prior permission of the person having hired them or their superior.
  • 2.3.3 Security
    • The translator or interpreter shall ensure that any material possessed that may be of a confidential nature is stored with safety measures that are appropriate for preventing access by third parties. Once the work has been completed, such work shall be destroyed, or if appropriate, returned to the client.

2.3.4. Loyalty

Loyalty is one of the cornerstones of professional work. This loyalty shall be kept both towards the end customer and towards any possible intermediaries, and shall be demanded of NAKOM. These standards of loyalty or fidelity shall not expire.

  • Loyalty to the Client
    • The translator or interpreter shall not use any confidential information acquired during the course of their work for self-interest or the interest of third parties.
    • The translator shall place all non confidential information at the client’s service, advising them, if necessary, of any possible errors or content of doubtful interpretation that is detected in the original of a translation, making any recommendations deemed appropriate that will help the client in the course of their work. These recommendations and notices shall always be given through NAKOM, unless direct contact between the collaborator and the client is expressly authorised.
    • The interpreter shall always watch over the interests of the Client, gathering and sending any information to NAKOM which may be of use, and always strive to help them to attain their objectives.
  • Loyalty to NAKOM
    • The translator or interpreter shall watch over the interests of NAKOM, and refrain from any conduct that might damage NAKOM’s reputation or image.
    • The translator shall at no time contact the Client under any circumstances without the prior permission of NAKOM and, if such is the case, shall always do so on behalf of NAKOM.
    • Should a direct or indirect client of NAKOM contact the translator or interpreter, they shall immediately inform NAKOM of this fact.
    • The interpreters and translators shall always introduce themselves to the client as members of NAKOM and never in their own name or that of any other organisation. It is, therefore, strictly forbidden for translators and interpreters to provide a client with information about themselves (address, telephone number, etc.) or about any other organisation (including its name) that is other than the one hired by the client, without the prior permission of NAKOM.

The rules set out in the above text are mandatory for any person collaborating with NAKOM in the provision of services.