A new service: escort interpreting

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NAKOM has launched an escort interpreting service to meet a growing demand in the market.

Sometimes achieving even the easiest tasks while in a foreign country can cause a headache, especial when you do not speak the language. For that very reason, NAKOM has launched this new escort interpreting service. Unlike traditional interpreting services, which are generally used for conferences or business meetings, an escort interpreter can accompany clients to and on a wide range of activities. These may include business meetings, administrative tasks, social events or even when going shopping!

The situations in which an escort interpreter may be used are endless. For instance, let’s say that a Spanish company has to send employees to Saudi Arabia in order to set up or strengthen its business there. In this case, the company could hire an escort interpreter to accompany its employees to meetings with their clients or even to appointments with local authorities. In the same way, the company’s foreign clients may visit Spain and so the company may wish to hire an escort interpreter to accompany them throughout their stay.

In short, it is a service in which interpreters facilitate communication for clients by escorting them to more general events in which a traditional interpreting service is not required. So far, our clients have found this service extremely useful in facilitating business agreements and international relations. Hopefully we will be able to accompany you soon on growing your business.

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